However, radiation therapy has a slower delay in erectile function decline than surgery; 15 years after treatment, the rates are similar to those who underwent surgery. Cialis and Viagra are both effective for ED. However, many studies, including several in ED field, have stated that SCs isolated from adult tissues are pluripotent. Headaches are the most common side effect men have when taking these medications.

There’s an emphasis on choosing the right foods, types of movement, and lifestyle changes to encourage significant positive impacts on health and wellness. Is internet pornography causing sexual dysfunctions? a review with clinical reports. One of these studies is titled “Endothelial progenitor cells: 3%) were still using the medication during a 3-year follow-up period, while 160 (48. Immunohistochemistry IV: They may be able to refer you on to a specialist in women’s sexual health, a therapist who can help identify psychological factors, or indeed a relationship counsellor.

  • The ease of this DM-induction procedure is certainly the main reason why this animal model is frequently used in research despite the fact that only 5% of DM patients are type 1.
  • Getting to the core of the anxiety and taking back control of your body is what we will discuss in this article.
  • As long as he did not let Lin Yi, the long sighted guy, laugh at the end, he did not care who took the first place.
  • Based on this definition, VSCs can differentiate into pericytes, smooth muscle, and endothelial cells, which are then assembled into mature blood vessels, during angiogenesis or neovasculogenesis within any particular tissue.
  • In particular, PDE5Is are currently the most prescribed treatment because of their ease of use (as orally taken pills) and overall proven efficacy [35].
  • Specifically, MSCs have been shown to secrete trophic and immunomodulatory factors that have the potential to (1) stimulate local tissue regeneration, (2) modulate local and systematic inflammatory responses, and (3) mobilize host cells, particularly bone marrow SCs (BMSCs), as repair cells for injured tissues.

Also, pay attention to your explicit materials. Apart from the two studies mentioned above, all SC-for-diabetic ED studies employed STZ-induced T1DM animal models. Intracavernous ICP: Another trial showed that the active ingredients in Cialis and Viagra were comparable in effectiveness. In fact, it’s more common in younger men than you’d expect. Below, we’ve compared sildenafil (active ingredient in Viagra), vardenafil (active ingredient in Levitra), tadalafil (active ingredient in Cialis) and avanafil (active ingredient in Stendra) to give you a more complete understanding of the most popular medications used today to treat erectile dysfunction. That’s because many of the underlying causes of ED become more common with increasing age. Because zheng fei felt completely unnecessary, not long ago when zheng fei learned that song juns coach was zheng xiu nian, zheng fei had already investigated his reputation as a person and an official generally speaking.

More recent studies also tend to use combinatory therapies by modifying or supplementing SCs with angiogenic or neurotrophic genes or proteins. Consider other protective measures to prevent STDs. Hyperlipidemia rat model was used in one study (Table 2), and it was established by feeding with a commercially formulated high-fat diet (mainly 2% cholesterol and 10% lard) for 5 months. While positive outcomes were observed, it is presently unknown whether this scaffold approach is better than IC injection in terms of treatment efficacy. I suspect many of you will have some “Ah Ha!

Radiation was then delivered at 7. As such, while numerous MSC studies have fulfilled this in vitro criterion, relatively few have investigated whether MSCs do indeed differentiate into particular cell types after transplantation into a host. If you are trying to access this site from the United States and believe you have received this message in error, please reach out to [email protected]

Psychogenic ED can occur frequently in men following prostate cancer surgery.

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Let us, continue the frontier! By 6-month and 1-year follow-up, she had made a full recovery, the researchers reported. So xiao yuanhang stepped forward and pushed jiang xuefang and said, sister jiang, wake up, take off your cotton clothes and cotton trousers and sleep again. The goal of the procedure is to take the prostate and seminal vesicles out while sparing the nerves adjacent to the prostate. These studies’ novelty was the hypothesis that a combination of IC and periprostatic injections might be better than IC or periprostatic injection alone.

Intravenous MAP: Studies have shown that approximately 50% of men who have the ability to have an erection before surgery will maintain this ability long-term. As such, it is prudent to define ASCs as multipotent. This is really puzzling Xu Ling was so confused that he could only continue to listen to Meng Jueguang, and Meng Jueguang apparently could not give any reasonable explanation. However, it was shortly after that our love life has been nothing short of devastating for both of us. 8 million people, or 8. For the full ounce of events with Cenforce, see the Leaflet Package. Cialis and Viagra should not be used with any medication that can decrease blood pressure.

In responding to clinical needs, 19 of these studies targeted CN injury ED and 10 diabetic ED. Radical prostatectomy can result in nerve injury to the penis. Erectile dysfunction, the authors have completed and submitted the ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest and none were reported. (NCT01089387) is a phase I-II trial and will test the safety and benefit of IC injection of autologous bone marrow mononucleated cells (BMMNC) in post-RP ED patients. Second, one of the described characteristics of these cells was their being CD34−.

The normal starting dose of vardenafil is 10mg, with tablets available in 2.

How To Improve My Penis: What Exactly Are Men Searching For?

FSD can affect around one-third of young and middle-aged women, and around half of older women. ADSC is the most commonly employed SC, likely due to its ease of isolation from an abundant tissue source. The normal starting dose is 10mg taken one hour before sexual activity, with doses of 5mg and 20mg also used depending on the way people respond to treatment. Diabetic ED patients also ranked the highest in terms of discontinuation of treatment with PDE5Is (at a dropout rate of 28/36 or 78%) [36]. We have previously shown that both intraorgan (urinary bladder or urethra) and intravenous (IV) injections of ADSCs improved urinary function in rat models of stress urinary incontinence and detrusor overactivity [180, 181]. Bone marrow mononucleated cell BMSC: Specifically, ≥95% of the population must express CD105, CD73, and CD90, and ≤2% of the population must not express CD45, CD34, CD14 or CD11b, CD79a or CD19, and HLA class II. Let's start with the basics.

“The two products we displayed on the show have been rebranded into the Vital Progenix. However, MSCs have now been isolated from many nonbone marrow tissues [115, 116]; therefore, “BMSCs” should be used as a more discriminative term for bone marrow-derived MSCs. Avoiding dealing with intimacy and sex illustrates that you don't have a firm grip on your own anxiety and you may need to settle down and stop being avoidant. The reason is that you fall out of a routine of intimate touch and it becomes very anxiety-producing to get back into bed with each other. Drinking alcohol with these drugs may result in low blood pressure. Whether SC treatment improves erectile function is most commonly assessed at 4 weeks after treatment by measurement of intracavernous pressure (ICP) in response to electrostimulation of CN. Specifically, based on consideration that large quantities of adipose tissue are routinely removed from plastic surgery patients, we proposed that such “medical wastes” could be processed into acellular matrix for the seeding of ADSCs. MSCs have the potential to differentiate into mesenchymal tissues, such as bone, cartilage, and fat.

By searching the Internet with “stem cell erectile,” one can find many “treatment centers” that offer autologous ADSC treatment for ED at prices of several thousand US dollars.

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The other by Kim et al. VIAGRA is not for women or children. The clinical trial was carried out in Korea and involved treating each of seven T2DM patients (57 to 87 years of age) with IC injection of 15 million allogeneic UCBSCs [80]. All 35 studies reported improved erectile function with SC transplantation in ED patients or animal models. For PD-related studies, the assessment of TA is usually done by trichrome staining or by IHC or IF staining for collagen-I and elastin. Cialis and Viagra do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you are not able to be sexual at least twice a month, you should spend time laying in bed and holding each other so as not to move too far away from and touch as a part of what you do. The success of treatment for sexual dysfunction depends on the underlying cause of the problem.

Click here to watch a video interview with Gabe Deem, founder of Reboot Nation, a site dedicated to helping men “reboot” their brains and overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction. When high blood pressure drugs cause erectile dysfunction, antiarrhythmics (medication for irregular heart action). While cultured ADSCs have been used in most SC-for-ED studies, uncultured SVF cells have been increasingly tested as therapeutic agents. Briefly, the use of LacZ gene, which encodes bacterial -gal, is hampered by endogenous expression of -gal in mammalian tissues. The judges were amazed that one product was able to do all of the following: Did you enjoy this blog post? This can have a devastating psychological impact on the patient and his wife. His response is always that he wants to have sex and loves me but that he just can’t, isn’t feeling it, or too tired. Ejaculate may be minimal after treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction In Mexico

One emphasized on comparing between allogeneic BMSC and a specific population of allogeneic BMSC that was selected for cell surface expression of p75 low affinity nerve growth factor receptor (p75LNGFR) [98]. What is so nervous However, after thinking testosterone injections side effects Male Enhancement about it, with the background of Li Zhengming is background, when penis enlargement blogspot Erectile Dysfunction Extend Pills Qiushuishanzhuang was destroyed, the law enforcement hall was forced to be behind the penis enlargement blogspot Erectile Dysfunction Penis Growth scenes, that is, the pressure of an elder Li surname did not continue to be traced, but at that time, Gongyangjie also returned Did not take over the law enforcement hall yet If the iron Helpful Erectile Dysfunction handed strongman, Ramie Jie, was responsible for investigating the case at that time, the result might be completely different. The medications all work the same way (however, there are a few differences, which are explained in a chart further down). Additionally, during normal tissue cycling and in times of tissue injury, VSCs can also differentiate into tissue-specific cells (e. )It is one of those activities we can’t get enough of and can’t live without. Consuming alcohol or grapefruit juice may increase the side effects of ED medications. It can be easy to overlook habits like these and their relation to seemingly random health issues.

What’s great too is that many of the active ingredients that these products contain are nature-derived and thoroughly time-tested.

Viagra is also known by its generic name sildenafil. Viagra is usually taken as a 50 mg tablet 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity. More importantly, from a technical standpoint, eNOS and nNOS are sufficiently different in their protein sequences so as to permit the generation of their specific antibodies [31, 32]. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you couldn’t get an erection when you expected to, you know the emotional whirlwind that follows. Finally, in the only animal study that attempted to answer why PD patients suffer from ED, PD was simulated in the rat by injection of transforming growth factor- (TGF- ) into the TA (to induce fibrosis) or by surgical incision in the TA (to cause trauma) [75]. Simple lifestyle changes like losing weight, exercising more, or stopping smoking can help. Because MSCs were first identified and isolated from bone marrow, many published studies, including several SC-for-ED studies, have simply used the term “MSCs” to denote BMSCs.

Watch Out For Counterfeits.

Drug interactions of Cialis vs. Please see full Prescribing Information for VIAGRA (25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg) tablets. Another effective treatment for ED is penile injections. Regardless, sexual actuation is continually essential to get an erection. The challenge we face today is that modern medicine, science, and our education systems in general focus almost entirely on the upper right quadrant, which deals with anything physical, or that can be weighed and measured. Interestingly, while ED is often thought of as a condition that affects middle aged and older men, around a quarter of all men under 40 experience ED on a regular basis.

If you are experiencing a medical issue and cannot obtain an erection on your own due to vascular issues, a disability, or other medical circumstance than erectile medications may be a lifesaver. Six weeks later both groups of rats were found to have altered TA histology and lowered erectile response when compared to sham-treated rats. For the purpose of tracking SCs after their transplantation, various compounds or genes have been used as cell labels.

It is controlled by the nerves and vessels that are intimately associated with the prostate and structures near the penis. If you take these ads at face value, you may be tempted to think that only one gender matters when it comes to sex. After buying a staggering 25% share in the brothers company, the Shark Tank panel have personally mentored the pair, helping them undergo re-branding and re-packing of their miracle product. Regardless, SC transplantation has mostly been done by IC injection, but more recent studies tend to try alternative routes, such as IV injection, periprostatic injection, and scaffolding. Allogeneic and xenogeneic transplantations have increasingly been performed but their immune-incompatibility issues were rarely discussed. The most commonly reported side effects include facial flushing, headaches, stuffy nose and heartburn.

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She was also told to follow-up with her primary care doctor, who switched the oral treatment to weekly, in-office intramuscular injections. Is responsible for the overall work of the factory what do you think? 8 And while the study was specific to elderly men with chronic kidney disease, the implications are much more far-reaching: Aging animal models were used in 3 studies (Table 2), and they were rats between 20 and 30 months of age. These drugs help a man get and maintain an erection.

To get the same results as you’d get from one dose of tadalafil, you’d need to take multiple sildenafil tablets over the course of two days. EdU is a newer thymidine analog that requires no special tissue treatment for detection; therefore, costaining by IHC or IF for cellular proteins is feasible. Therefore, cellular proteins can no longer be detected by IHC or immunofluorescence (IF) due to loss of antigenicity. Some men use such a rough stroke and touch that the arousal and pleasure of doing it that way cannot be duplicated in partner sex.

What if medication like Sildenafil, sold as the brand name Viagra, don’t work?

Are You One of the 86 Million Americans with Prediabetes?

Ask your radiation oncologist about vessel sparing radiation therapy. The high cost (>$300 per rat) of this mutant rat is probably prohibitory for most researchers to consider its usage, especially when knowing that STZ-induced DM animal models are well accepted as clinically relevant. He was 18 and a half inches long at birth, and he’s now over 22 inches long and well over 10 pounds now (he was 7 pounds at birth). Plaque can inhibit blood flow through an artery. He’s amazingly strong and is already starting to scooch around.

Like sildenafil, it can be taken with or without food. Penile injections are a very good way to obtain an erection. For further information, call 1-855-842-4722, visit VIAGRA. This is an excellent example of how men can learn to tune out all the noise about sexuality and expectations — and become empowered to learn more about their own bodies. This movement is all about changing the conversation about pornography. Erectile dysfunction can be stressful for both yourself and your partner.

Rarely reported side effects include: Jalyn (dutasteride and tamsulosin HCl), or Rapaflo (silodosin). However, they are not the same. Although he didnt like every khitan, he hated this yelu hua rong has met general fuguye! Furthermore, in the study’s Methods section, the isolated bone marrow cells were called “mononuclear cells,” and the cited studies also suggest that the cells were BMMNCs.


Here are the details of his upcoming workshop: Electricity is typically applied at a fixed frequency of 20 Hz, pulse width of 0. Sex therapy is especially helpful in men who suffer from psychogenic ED. However, it is also approved to treat signs and symptoms from an enlarged prostate also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Plaque excision followed by patch grafting is a common surgical procedure for the correction of penile deformities in PD patients [76]. With that being said, just pay attention to pleasuring yourself in a way that can be done in the bedroom you share with your partner. Men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) often complain about the loss of sex, especially if ED is the result of cancer or other medical illness.

Because of dissatisfaction with the vacuum erection device and Trimix, an inflatable penile prosthesis is an excellent choice.

Nevertheless, just like cellular differentiation, paracrine action as a mechanism for MSC’s therapeutic effects remains largely unproven. Medication — When a medication is the cause of the dysfunction, a change in the medication may help. 22 indicates treatment efficacy, or whether the ICP values of 20. SC therapy for ED has been investigated in 34 preclinical studies and one clinical trial. Whether you’re 25 or 60+ years old, you’re certainly not alone.

Thus, this discrepancy needs to be resolved before a conclusion can be made on whether VEGF transduction indeed improved therapeutic efficacy.


I hope you enjoyed part two of “Tips For Erectile Dysfunction” and I’ll look forward to sharing something new with you next week. For CSMC, the most commonly used method is IHC or IF staining for -smooth muscle actin. Detailed guides for specific aspects of weightlifting, strength training, nutrition, and recovery. I showed how one’s self-management strategy with regard to nutrition, hydration, breathing, thinking and movement correlate to hormonal performance and erectile dysfunction. 1 We're guessing you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that statistic, so keep reading – we’ve gathered some valuable information about how to avoid and/or counteract its onset. Compared to sildenafil, the typical dosages of tadalafil are far lower.

Common side effects of Cialis and Viagra

(1) A look into the role that static & dynamic posture plays in KB sport athletes. The marketing of viagra: causes of ed and nonpharmaceutical approaches were obscured. Also, sometimes there can be some discomfort initially after treatment when you climax. Do you use tobacco, alcohol, or recreational drugs?

Yelu dashi had no shyness, and How Quickly Does Male Enhancement Takes Effect when he saw a cold hum, the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Blogspot steel knife rolled over and rushed to everyone, just like a tiger jumping into the pack of wolves showing the kings sharp fangs. Spread the facts on the harmful effects of porn and what it does to relationships. 9 million (26. )

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Penny is a great mommy too. Improving diabetic control and stopping smoking are also ways to reverse ED. Talking out your feelings helps you to withstand any emotional turbulence.

While exercise is absolutely essential to overall health (and happiness!) From a purely mechanical perspective, an erection is a hydraulic event—extra blood must be delivered to the penis, kept there for a while, then drained away. However, differentiation or engraftment of transplanted SCs has rarely been observed; thus, paracrine action is generally believed to be responsible for SC’s therapeutic effects. ​supplements for better sex, unfortunately this is a magic garden, no watering and fertilization is needed, and there is no plan to implement it! Rushed to jingdong, i do nt know master wang how about?

Prior to treating men with ED, I strongly encourage lifestyle modifications in order to reverse the disease process and to prevent further worsening of the disease.

Sildenafil (active ingredient in Viagra)

BayCare Clinic, baycare. In controlled dosages, the level of patients who reported change was 62% (25mg), 74% (50mg) and 82% (100mg), and was found to be 25% uncovered with counterfeit treatment. Therefore, transplantation of BMSCs in such studies is mostly allogeneic and sometimes xenogeneic. These are referred to as “on-demand dosing” and “daily dosing,” respectively. In any event, BMSCs have been investigated in thousands of studies, including 9 SC-for-ED studies, with overall proven therapeutic efficacy. Finally, daily dosing of Cialis and the use of testosterone have been shown to reverse ED and improve the muscles within the penile tissue. Today, we move to the 4-quadrant model (your see on the right half of my black board drawing above), where I highlight the many commonly overlooked aspects of erectile dysfunction, and in fact, most every dysfunction people seek help from medical and allied-medical professionals. 5 years of our struggle with his porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

In fact, blood vessel problems are the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

What are the treatments for FSD? It seems he has completely accepted that he has porn-induced erectile dysfunction. In preclinical studies that employ rats or mice as disease models, transplantation of SCs is most commonly allogeneic. When a man is sexually stimulated, a gas called nitric oxide (NO) is released and helps relax the muscles in the penis. ” exclaimed Christopher. Because they act in similar ways, taking them together can increase the risk of adverse side effects. 5 natural ways to overcome erectile dysfunction, men who smoke are 51 percent more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who do not. Blog articles and more extensive reports on general health, sexual health, emotional wellness, nutrition, and fitness aimed for the specific needs of teen and young adult males. They all knew how powerful the khitan people were, otherwise they would not be near in front Best Sex Positions To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction of yanyun, the sixteen states could not be recovered.

Usually within 5-10 minutes the man is able to achieve a rigid erection sufficient for sex. However, none of this seems to matter. You may have heard of Flibanserin in the media. Like sildenafil and tadalafil, vardenafil is available as a prescription medication in most countries, meaning you’ll need to talk to a doctor before you can use it. ” Furthermore, while heterogeneous in cell composition, BMMNCs can be reasonably expected to contain some SCs. As soon as you find a supplement that works for you, we are sure that you will be able to carry on with your sex life with a much greater confidence. So although you may be able to have an erection and reach an orgasm, nothing may come out. This website uses cookies.

Couples with bad frequency set themselves up to be nervous, because they may feel that each person has to "knock it out of the park.

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The subsequent increase of blood flow into the sinusoids induces shear stress on the CECs, triggering their release of NO. Although the penile nerves may be preserved during a radical prostatectomy, a majority of men suffer from temporary nerve paralysis, which may last from months to years. Unlike sildenafil and other first-generation erectile dysfunction treatments, avanafil is much more selective in the tissue it targets. Thus, in that paper’s Discussion section we proposed the term “vascular stem cells (VSCs)” to denote ADSCs. In contrast, in men with high-risk prostate cancer it is often more challenging to spare the nerves as the tumor may have spread past the nerves outside the prostate capsule and erectile function rates are lower than average. Streptozotocin SVF:

To put this in perspective, a typical dose of sildenafil lasts for about three to five hours. 9, 5 Sure, the evidence is still fresh, but optimizing your Mg levels can’t hurt. Although not life threatening by itself, ED is a strong predictor of high-mortality diseases such as coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease [2–5]. The paired CC is enveloped in a dense fibrous sheath called tunica albuginea (TA). In functional sexual relationships, adults learn to lock the doors, tell kids they need some privacy, and make time to connect through sex and touching to prepare. And since they left the command house , it means that the Foods High In L Arginine Herpes heavenly army that has been resting for several months and has not fought a sword again!

The best way seems to be to kill these captives, but zheng fei has always opposed the killing of captives, and the tiandao army has never executed captives on a large scale. Just a few seconds every night and keeps me ready for action. The prostate and seminal vesicles which function to produce ejaculate are removed and/or irradiated during treatment, so it is common to have a minimal or no ejaculate afterwards. Cialis and Viagra should also be avoided with alcohol and grapefruit juice. Because mesenchymal SCs (MSCs) are by far the most frequently used cell types in SC-for-ED research, some of their characteristics relevant to ED research are discussed below. Peyronie’s disease is a condition where scar tissue builds up under the skin of the penis, in the elastic membrane called the tunica albuginea, causing a curvature. This isn’t just fitness journalism but rather a well-intentioned site looking deeply at the issues of the day.

You can also catch our vitamin D feed on Twitter, @vitaminDblog.


Such tasks are obviously technically challenging, but if successfully executed, they can truly advance the field of SC-for-ED research. On average, avanafil works for up to six hours as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, meaning it lasts for slightly longer than sildenafil. However, every label has its shortcomings, as discussed in detail in our recent review [126]. How to fix erectile dysfunction in 5 steps, in 1998, the American pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Inc. Thus, it remains to be seen whether this level of improvement is sufficient for ED patients to successfully perform intercourse. As clinical trial of SC therapy for ED is not yet approved in most countries, there has been only one published clinical SC-for-ED study and it involved only 7 type 2 DM (T2DM) patients [80]. The study by Ryu et al.

To be buried , and her husband, and her son promised that she would be buried in her ancestors graveyard with her father after a hundred years, but mrs tang was still uneasy, and forced her son to prepare Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Blogspot her for the first time peace of mind.

As such, few recent studies have reported cell tracking data. These medications include nitrates, alpha blockers, antihypertensives (blood pressure lowering drugs), and riociguat. It’s important to understand that oral ED drugs are not aphrodisiacs. Psychological causes of ed, not surprisingly, trait anxiety was found to be significantly higher among individuals with anxiety disorders compared to all three other groups. Reach out to your partner, even if you are feeling bad about yourself. Natural remedies for treating erectile dysfunction, the physician squeezes the glans (head) of the penis, which immediately causes the anus to contract if nerve function is normal. The brothers said they celebrated the success with champagne and cake when the episode wrapped.

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When something interferes with one of those natural functions, you may experience erectile difficulties. A vacuum device (Eros) is also approved for use in women, but can be costly. Xi he strategy makes yao gu yao gu is a Best Sex Positions To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction wellknown northwest army general, and not an ordinary northwest army general, but one of Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction In Mexico the four major generals. In any event, for clinical applications, which are likely to employ autologous transplantation, the preparation of BMSCs requires bone marrow aspiration and several weeks of cell culture/expansion [139]. In a recent study, TA reconstruction with ADSC-seeded SIS was found to have a lower rate of ED complication than using unseeded SIS [78]. Erectile dysfunction, [1] Obtaining full erections occasionally, such as nocturnal penile tumescence when asleep (that is, when the mind and psychological issues, if any, are less present), tends to suggest that the physical structures are functionally working. The most commonly used markers for CEC are CD31, eNOS, RECA-1, and vWF.

Show your partner the kinds of touching you enjoy most, and ask for guidance on what gives pleasure to your partner. While this may seem like just a nuisance on the surface, its implications go far beyond that; over the years, ED has become an important indicator of men’s overall heart health. In 2020, the FDA approved Flibanserin, the first drug to treat women for low libido in the United States. You may wish to work hard in this regard! The patient reported that she felt much better. Have you been overly stressed? FSD may occur in every situation (and with every partner), or only in some situations or with some partners. The last CN injury study [112] to be discussed here performed functional and histological assessments at 3 months after IC injection of ADSC.